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Focusing on Their Future

Myopia is a vision problem commonly found in children. This refractive error is commonly known as nearsightedness. Nearsightedness causes objects in the distance to appear blurred, while closer objects remain sharp and clear.

Slowing myopia progression by providing high-quality treatment to young patients is a high priority at Village Optical. If you have questions about myopia and your children, contact us today!

Hows & Whys of Myopia

Your eye should ideally be shaped like a globe, allowing light to reach the retina unencumbered.

Myopia occurs when the eye elongates as it grows, creating an oval effect. This shape affects how light reaches the retina, causing a refractive error that results in distant objects appearing out-of-focus.

While experts have not yet determined the exact cause of myopia, they suggest it is a combination of genetics and individual lifestyles.

Myopia in Children

Our children’s eyes grow quickly in their early years, and they have a higher risk for myopia. The onset of this condition commonly occurs between the ages of 6 and 12.

A child who develops myopia also has a higher chance of developing high myopia. High myopia carries an increased risk of vision problems, including cataracts, glaucoma and retinal tears

Myopia in children is treated by slowing the rate at which it progresses. At Village Optical, our youngest patients benefit from personalized care to help control this condition.

Myopia Treatment Options

Atropine Eye Drops

Atropine drops have been successful in slowing myopia progression in children. Experts have not determined the exact reasoning behind this success, but they have found that a low dose is most effective while the eyes are still growing.

Orthokeratology (ortho-k) is the use of contact lenses which are specially designed to reshape the cornea. Corneal reshaping contact lenses are of the gas permeable variety. They are worn overnight to help reshape the cornea, allowing light to focus on your child’s retina at the correct angle.

These lenses can provide your child with clear vision during the day, and are known to slow myopia by 36% to 56%.

Peripheral defocus contact lenses are multifocal contact lenses with various rings helping to blur peripheral vision. The centre area of the lens provides distance vision correction while the outer rings blur the child’s peripheral vision.

Studies have shown that blurring peripheral vision can slow eye growth in children, hindering the progression of myopia. Myopia management contact lenses are available in monthly or daily modalities.

MiyoSmart lenses also use peripheral defocus technology, but in glasses rather than contact lenses. Children may prefer them if they are at all hesitant about using contact lenses. Studies show they’re effective at helping to manage myopia.

Help For Myopia Is Here

Myopia is a lifelong condition. But at Village Optical, we offer safe methods to help manage myopia effectively. Our approaches aim to slow the progression of myopia in children and prevent it from worsening.

Contact us today to learn more about taking care of your child’s vision. We’ll work together to determine the best options and treatments for them.

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