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What Is Dry Eye?

Dry eye is a common eye condition affecting millions of individuals yearly. It is estimated that 30% of Canadians are dealing with dry eyes, and this number is growing. 

Dry eye occurs when your eyes cannot provide adequate lubrication due to a lack of tears or low-quality tears. The resulting symptoms can include irritated eyes, redness, burning, stinging, and watering.

We want to help you find relief through innovative treatment methods like the DARWIN™ IPL and RF by LUVO, which features multiple proprietary features, prioritizing your comfort and safety. You don’t have to deal with dry eyes alone—contact us to schedule an appointment to find relief.

What Causes Dry Eyes?

Dry eye can be caused by a variety of factors, including: 

  • Age
  • Contact lens wear
  • Excessive use of digital displays
  • Environmental factors
  • Meibomian gland dysfunction

Meibomian gland dysfunction can clog the small oil glands in the eyelids that produce the oily layer of tears and cause instability in the tear film. Any instability in the tear production process can lead to the development of dry eyes.

Our Dry Eye Treatments

Dry eye treatment will depend on the underlying cause or type of dry eye you have. An in-depth dry eye assessment using advanced technology to assess the tear film and the oil glands (meibography) will be conducted to determine the underlying cause of your dry eye and help you understand the treatment options. We offer a variety of treatment options, for both at home and in the clinic. Some common treatments include: 

  • Medication 
  • Eyedrops and ointments 
  • Warm compresses 
  • Eyelid cleansers 
  • Omega 3 supplements
  • Punctal plugs 

In clinic treatments: 

  • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) 
  • Radiofrequency (RF) 

Village Optical uses the DARWIN™ instrument for IPL and RF, which is Health Canada approved for the treatment of dry eye. 


Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology has been in use in dermatology for over 25 years. When used for dry eye treatments, it targets unwanted blood vessels and reduces inflammation. The heat from the instrument also melts oil in the eyelid glands to improve flow. These effects reduce the symptoms of dry eye.  

Additionally, IPL stimulates the production of collagen and targets melanin and telangiectasias in the skin, leading to reduced fine lines and wrinkles and a more even skin tone. 

The DARWIN™ IPL by LUVO has multiple proprietary features that make it especially safe and comfortable for you. The square wave pulses help with predictable energy delivery with no energy spikes, and the advanced cooling technology allows a comfortable procedure for you. 

What to Expect Before & During Treatment

Before beginning your treatment, your skin will pre-treated with a cooling gel and eye shields or goggles will be applied to ensure eye safety. Light energy will then be delivered to the skin and eyelids through a series of brief pulses. The pulses will be delivered from your nose to the temple and on the eyelids. During the procedure, you will see a bright light and may experience a snapping sensation and warming, both of which are typically well tolerated.

Immediately following treatment, your skin may appear slightly red and mildly swollen. This swelling or redness typically lasts only a few hours. You can resume most daily activities immediately, including applying makeup in most cases. You’ll need to stay out of direct sunlight for the week following the treatment and are advised to apply sunscreen to the treated area. In the weeks following the treatment, in addition to dry eye relief, you may also notice improved tone, texture, and reduced fine lines in the treated area. A series of treatments is typically recommended for the best results. 

DARWIN™ Refresh RF Therapy 

RF, also called radiofrequency therapy, has long been used as a nonsurgical method of rejuvenating skin. It is a non-invasive treatment, which heats the deep layers of the skin. In the treatment of dry eye, it heats the oil glands in the eyelids to help clear blocked glands. Improved oil layer production results in improved tear film, reducing the symptoms of dry eye.  

RF also stimulates collagen and elastin production, which has the added cosmetic effect of reducing fine lines and wrinkles. 

What to Expect Before & During Treatment

Before beginning your treatment, your skin will be pre-treated with a cooling gel and eye shields will be applied to ensure eye safety. Radio Frequency energy will then be delivered to the eyelids by moving a wand on the skin surface. During the procedure, you will feel a warming sensation as the wand moves over the skin. 

RF treatments are typically very well tolerated, with little discomfort and no downtime. You may experience mild swelling and redness of the treated skin that usually resolves within 24 hours. Skin tightening and improvement of dry eye symptoms might be noticeable immediately post-procedure, but optimal results from collagen rebuilding can take 3 to 6 months. A series of treatments is typically recommended for the best results. 

Dry Eye Relief at Village Optical

At Village Optical, our team wants to help you overcome dry eye symptoms. While there is no cure for dry eye, there are treatments to help improve your symptoms and quality of life. We offer innovative technology and a personalized approach to help get to the root cause of your dry eyes and provide solutions to help you find relief.

You don’t have to deal with dry eye alone—contact us to schedule an appointment today.

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